About Us

We are passionate about endurance. We love running, biking, swimming, and hiking.  Anything where we get to just go and go.  We know that getting to the finish line takes a lot of strength, patience, and hope.   We hope that our designs encourage you to keep moving, to keep training and to keep being strong. 

That's why we choose Qavah as our name. To qavah is to hope, to wait, to be strong. All those things are needed to train and compete in endurance events.  Well, really those things are needed for life as well.  

So, share your strength, your passion and your hope with others and encourage them on their journey.

Oh, also, while you are doing that, we will share our passion for water - the one thing that we all need and hope for.  We will donate 5% of all sales to water projects around the world to bring hope to those who need it.